Hello my friends,

I m working in freehand spherical perspectives these days. The curves and lines of the boats are a good exercise to practice this perspective.

I started yesterday afternoon drawing this boat:


This sketch took me 2 hours, since I had to transform straight lines into curves and this was a hard exercise.

Then I inked the sketch to have a better feeling of the perspective:


This morning I returned to the port to add some colors:


I started suggesting the reflects of the lights of the sea and begin to reinforce the volume of the Yacht.


As this is mainly a Japanese style print, I open my Pentel Pen brush and add some nice black strokes to complete the painting:


Unfortunately, the owners of this toy weren’t inside. I could only see some young sailors young and completely indifferents to my artwork. But the Lady of a Yatch near by came to me and said she liked it.

Thank you for reading and have fun.

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